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The COMBIOMED Thematic Network tackles several aspects of Computational Medicine, from basic to applied research, to develop methods and tools to solve scientific problems in biomedicine in the context of personalised medicine. It also plays at the same time a key role in the education of researchers in the field as well as in the training of health professionals and researchers in basic techniques for the management of biomedical information.


Advances in biomedical informatics: COMBIOMED

Victoria López
Mª Isabel Loza
Fernando Martín
Alejandro Pazos

INBIOMEDvision Training Challenge INBIOMEDvision Training Challenge will be based on two groups of five advanced students with expertise on different biomedical (informatics) fields, who will collaboratively work on a single case study (UPF, UPM, ISCIII)

General meeting of the COMBIOMED Network and the IV International Symposium on Biomedical Informatics in Europe (6 June 2011).

On 6 June 2011 was held the IV SCIENTIFIC MEETING OF THE THEMATIC NETWORK COMBIOMED (Computational Biomedicine) in the Pazo de Lestrove, O Piñón, sn. 15916 Dodro - A Coruña, Spain.

The 7 and 8 of June 2011 was held the BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS TRAINING TUTORIALS of the COMBIOMED NETWORK at the Pazo de Lestrove (Hotel Pazo de Lestrove), O Piñón, sn. Dodro 15916 - A Coruña, Spain. For more information you can access to the tutorials Program and Inscripción

Laboratory of ideas for young ressearchers. For more information: CIBERSAM

The Institute of Health Carlos III, National Health School, National University of Distance Education and the University of Alcalá launch the Master "Direction and Management of R + D + I in Health Sciences" for the course 2010-2011.

Recommendations for a Biomedical Informatics subject to be included in the Medical curricula For more information on Scientific Production: Endorsed Document
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