Computational Developments

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The Instituto Nacional de Bioinformática (Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute, INB, ( is a technological platform promoted and funded by Genoma España. The main objective of the INB is to generate and apply bioinformatics solutions to the needs presented during the development and implementation of projects with a genomics and proteomics focus. Even though the INB has had success in the creation of a bioinformatics environment that is very useful to researchers in basic genomics and proteomics (including not only human biology projects), the proposed collaboration in the Network between groups belonging to the INB and groups with a more clinical focus, such as the ones that were part of the consortium of the previous RETIC “INBIOMED”, will allow to complement the technological platform of the INB with new computational developments and functionalities that don’t exist at the moment and will make up a true and complete platform of Computational Biomedicine.

Epidemiological Methods

Therefore, it is question of covering the whole scope of possible data and analytical procedures and simulations that range from chemistry and genetics to the clinic and epidemiology to make possible for biomedical translational researchers or even for clinicians to find answers to their computational challenges in processes such as design and development of drugs, gene-disease association studies or decision making at the point of care by using the molecular information of the patients. The INB has its own computational resources that are used in the collaboration and the scientific-technical support provided to National genomics and proteomics projects, as well as to internal projects related to the activities of the Institute. The INB has worked in the design, development and deployment of an integrated system of bioinformatics web services that permit the storage, access, and exploitation of the proprietary data produced in the projects to which the INB provides technical support.

Last update Oct. 2011