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The Network consists of 11 research groups belonging to universities and public research centres from five different autonomous communities.

Geographical distribution of COMBIOMED Groups Geographical distribution of COMBIOMED Groups
  1. Biomedical Informatics Area, Institute of Health Carlos III, Madrid, (ISCIII) (coordinator) – Web page (ISCIII) (Coordinador). Senior Researcher: Victoria López Alonso (2011); Senior Researcher: Fernando Martín Sánchez - Web Page -
  2. Biomedical Informatics group – Informatics Department – Politechnical University of Madrid (UPM)- (UPM). Senior Researcher: Víctor Maojo - Web Page -
  3. Biomedical Informatics Group (IBIME). Technical University of Valencia (UPV). Senior Researcher: Monserrat Robles Viejo - Página Web -
  4. Structural computational biology - S-CompBio - Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Madrid. (CNIO). Senior Researcher: Alfonso Valencia - Web Page -
  5. Research unit on biomedical informatics –IMIM-GRIB, Barcelona (IMIM). Senior Researcher: Ferran Sanz - Web Page -
  6. Molecular Modelling Group, Institut de Recerca Biomedica – Parc Cientific of Barcelona - University of Barcelona (IRB-PCB-UB). Senior Researcher: Modesto Orozco - Web Page -
  7. Bioinformatics and Genomics – Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona (CRG). Senior Researcher: Roderic Guigo - Web Page -
  8. RNASA - IMEDIR Group - GISA (Artificial neuronal networks and adaptative Systems – Medical informatics and radiological – University of Coruña) – (UDC)  and Systems and automatic engineering Group – University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). Senior Researchers: Alejandro Pazos and Gloria Bueno - Web Page RNSA - Web Page UCLM-
  9. BioFarma Group – University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Senior Researcher: Mabel Loza - Web Page -
  10. Epiomics Group - University Jaume I de Castellón (UJI). Senior Researcher: Oscar Coltell - Web Page -
  11. Intelligent Systems Group - University of País Vasco (EHU). Senior Researcher: Jose Antonio Lozano - Página Web-
  12. Computational medicine Group – School of Medicine, University Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). Senior Researcher: Leonardo Pardo - Web Page -
Last update Apr. 2011