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The organizational structure of the COMBIOMED Network is graphically shown in the figure below. There are four basic or horizontal general areas of work and another four that deal with scientific or technological platforms. As an example, it can be seen that the ISCIII group participates in three horizontal activities and in three common scientific lines (its work as coordinator is shown in bold line).

To assure the integration of scientific-technological and horizontal tasks the assignment of coordination responsibilities has been done in a matrix-type manner, ie each coordinator group is in charge of one scientific-technological task and a horizontal one. This is graphically shown in the following figure:

The area of biomedical informatics of the Institute of Health Carlos III not only is the general coordinator of the Network but it also coordinates a horizontal task, integrated knowledge management and a scientific area (info-POC or support to decision making at the point of care). Structural computational biology group of the National Centre for Oncologic Research (CNIO) is in charge of coordinating the Communication and Institutional relations and the scientific area of Disease-omics. The Research unit on biomedical informatics (IMIM-GRIB) is responsible for the coordination of the horizontal task of Training and Education and the scientific task of Pharma-informatics. Lastly the Biomedical Informatics group of the Informatics Department of the Politechnical University of Madrid (UPM) coordinates the technological aspects of the Network and the horizontal task of Quality assessment and Security.

Last update Oct. 2011