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The study of the molecular causes of disease and of the individual genetic variations allows going into personalised medicine in depth, by developing safer and more effective preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. In this context the Network will tackle several computational challenges in biobanks, association studies of genotype and phenotype and genomic epidemiology, to further advance in the knowledge and modelization of the influence of environmental and genetic factors in the development of diseases.


Biomedical research in general and in R&D of drugs in particular, generate large amounts of data that require sophisticated computational methods for their management and analysis. the COMBIOMED Network will develop in coordination with the INB and the Spanish Platform of Innovative Medicines (knowledge management nucleus) technological solutions that allow the advancement of the management of biomedical knowledge focused on the progress of pharmaceutical R&D in all its stages.

Informatics tools in drugs R&D


This area focuses on the improvement of efficiency and efficacy of the personalised treatment of patients. The network will provide support to the clinical decision making process at the point of care by means of the miniaturization of diagnostic systems and by improving the accessibility to molecular information about diseases. This approach falls into the context of current tendencies on convergent technologies – NBIC (Nano, Bio, Info and Cogno) with the objective of contributing to the development of a line of intelligent systems at the point of care.



The plan for training activities is directed to researchers and other biomedical professionals with the objective of updating and widening their knowledge and skills in the management of biomedical information. The Plan for Educational Activities is focused on the formal education of new specialists (healthcare workers and researchers) in the area of Computational Biomedicine. The COMBIOMED Network will organize and promote events focused on the education and training of both these communities.


The Network has an exhaustive communications plan to contribute to the dissemination of the objectives designed in COMBIOMED. Specifically, the main objective of the network is to carry out computational developments that aid in the advancement of personalised medicine. In this regard, the communication and dissemination of knowledge is not only important for the promotion of the work done within the Network but also to make the advances widely known to the scientific community. It is with this in mind that the COMBIOMED Network will carry out an intensive communications plan aimed at three communities 1) communication to the scientific community, 2) communication to other groups of interest and 3) communication within the Groups of the Network.


Integrated knowledge management within the Network has two main components:

  1. To facilitate knowledge management within the Network (external>internal)
  2. To provide knowledge to the scientific community about topics of interest and the main achievements of the Network (internal>external)

Data are one of the necessary basis for decision making but their quality and precision are not a given. Specific attention should be placed on the design of systems and specific tools and on monitoring data collection constantly, together with the development of actions to correct any problems that can generate and disseminate imprecise data.

With respect to security related to the Network, given its computational nature, it is based on the concept of Informatics security, which includes the study of all the vulnerabilities of the informatics systems and the implementation of security measures. Moreover, this concept has to be part of the strategic planning of the Network, just like an organizational structure, through the security policies. Firstly, the aim of the security measures is to avoid or to lessen the effects due to mistakes or errors in the design and operation of the informatics systems. However, these measures are also designed and applied to counteract ill intentioned, fraudulent or criminal actions aimed at damaging or blocking the systems or to take advantage of the information they manage. Besides, legislative evolution in Spain has established a supplementary framework in the security of data: the privacy of personal data.
Last update Oct. 2011